My practice consists of mixed media works on paper that combine drawing and painting, using layers of watercolor, ink, oil, markers, and graphite. My work typically deals with the banality of the everyday, representation and desire as well as the markers of power and place. I am interested in the exchange of meaning between two kinds of bodily experience, the social body and the physical body and how through this exchange the body becomes a means of expression. Some of the paintings on paper developed from my observations and experiences of private moments; that get turned into spectacle in public spaces. My new paintings focus on the representation of the body as a site of subtle slippage or disruption, just as the relation between the copy and its original is marred by a slight nuance: an intended slippage between observation and illusion. This January I participated in a residency at MASSMoCA. I began to explore how an image would be read as different parts are covered or exposed thus acknowledging the gaps, inconsistencies and distortions. This work explores the dissonance between the body, representation and the mediated image.

The Twenty-First Century Body: Thinking Merleau-Ponty In and Out of Time Fortieth Annual