My practice consists of mixed media works on paper, canvas and wood that combine drawing and painting, using layers of watercolor, ink, oil, markers, and graphite. In general, the paintings are based on our relationship to culture, our relationships to each other, and our relationships to the environment. I make paintings to navigate the expression of desire and loss. I seek to dismantle assumptions of a fixed subjectivity through images that challenge the viewer to contend with the disintegration, loss, inconsistencies and distortions of the body. I am interested in the exchange of meaning between two kinds of bodily experience, the social body and the physical body and how through this exchange the body becomes a means of expression that is then paired conceptually with forms that explore temporality, fragility, concealment, interdependence and desire. In some of my paintings, I layer shapes, patterns, color and thin washes of paint over figures to interrupt the course of looking, seeing the parts over the whole and trying to utilize the ways in which we choose to expose or “share” small intimate parts of our lives in the larger public domain. The most recent work looks at human bodies as archives, with a focus on body language as a signifier of class, gender, power, culture and desire. My interests lie in how we navigate and interpret objects, materials and space and how this can define the shape of the body with an emphasis on the representation of the body as a site of subtle slippage, disruption and/or dislocation, an intended slippage between observation and illusion.